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Wrap and Curl- $60

Beautiful wrap and curl styles includes deep conditioner treatment.

Silk Press / Blow Out Natural Hair- $70

Natural Hair silk press includes deep conditioner and trim.

Relaxer / Touch Up- $70

Relaxer includes styling, deep conditioner and trim.

Finger Waves-$65

Finger wave styles for relaxed hair, shampoo  deep conditioner included.

Full Weave- $250/ half sewn in $150

Includes shampoo & deep conditioner with style. *Hair not included*

Hair Cut & Style- $75

Get the latest Trendy Hair cut and Style!

Lace Frontal Wig Installation- $350

Beautiful lace frontal install natural looking 360 wig. Wig not included

Hi-Lites Hair Coloring- $145

Ombre Hair coloring 2 toned coloring for natural or relaxed hair.

Hair Cut and Color- $95

Hair cut and style with  color. Includes shampoo & conditioner treatment.

2 Strand Twist- $80

Includes shampoo and conditioner with style.

Quick Weave $100

Quick Weave and Style includes shampoo and conditioner.

Pin Up Styles $85

Pin Up's or Bun Style included shampoo and conditioner. 

*Hair not included*

Hair Weave with Full Closure $275

Full Weave with full lace closure. Includes shampoo and conditioner with style.

Natural Hair Cut and Coiled Style $95

Natural Hair Cut and Style with coiled textured or twist out. Includes shampoo and conditioner.

Waves and Styles- $75

Finger Waves with Hair Cut and Style. Includes shampoo and conditioner.